The quest of Ziggy and Zara

The Quest of Ziggy en Zara

“If we want to keep the oceans clean, we will have to give the fish the right to vote.”

GodeLiva-Uleners (Flemish children’s book author)

Ziggy and Zara are two seahorses who live in the Caribbean Sea, along with all the other sea creatures. In their quest for a clean place for their babies, they meet the other inhabitants of the coral reef. They are all concerned about the pollution in the ocean. That’s why Ziggy and Zara are looking for a solution. Will they eventually find a clean place for their babies?

By introducing children to marine life in an informative way, they will gain a better understanding of the consequences of ocean pollution. The importance of ecosystems, food chains and ocean parks is in a playful and understandable way explained in this book.

This book is the first in a serie in which inhabitants of the oceans look for solutions to pollution. It explains what consequences the disruption of ecosystems and food chains can have for humans and animals. Important topics such as climate change, overfishing, chemical pollution and the effects of the terrible plastic waste that floats in the oceans worldwide are all covered.

The Quest series is a good way to make children aware of the consequences of pollution at an early age, so that they learn to contribute to a better and cleaner world.

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